Coaching & Consulting

What’s the secret to building the life and business you really want? AND kicking ass while you’re at it? In my experience, it comes down to your willingness to adapt and change. It’s either GROW, or GO, baby.

Ouch. This work can be painful. But that’s how you know it’s working! I’m here to help you out of that spirit-crushing comfort zone and into the next thrilling chapter of your life. The one that everyone else has been telling you isn’t possible.

I say, bullshit! YOU GOT THIS. And your girl is here to help.

Am I speaking your language?

Coaching Services
Grow yourself, grow your business.

Do you trust your gut? Who do you go to when you need to brainstorm ideas and ask tough questions? Do you struggle with relationships and communication?

My coaching services are for the leader that wants to stop sabotaging and start upleveling their life and business. I let you – the client – take the reins and set the pace and focus of our work together. As your coach, I offer my ride or die support, mediation with partners, and some serious accountability. (I will call you on your shit!) Hey, sometimes it’s good to be just a little bit scared of your coach 😉

Consulting Services
No excuses, only solutions.

You tell me where you want to go and I develop a plan of action. My consulting services are for the busy leader with SERIOUS goals who needs direction, support, and accountability.

From employee reviews, to SWOT analysis, transition plans, and connecting you with the right people, I’m on it. I embed deep behind the scenes with you and your team to streamline your workflow,maximize your time, and support company culture. I collaborate directly with you and your team members in a one on one or group setting, depending on your needs.

Interested in working with me?

What Makes Me Unique?

1 I let you be yourself. Don’t fit squarely into the “Coaching” or “Consulting” box? I got you. I’m a Hybrid. I combine elements of both Coaching and Consulting disciplines to create a custom program of support for each client.

2 I’m fluent in Emotional Intelligence. Forget about IQ, what’s your EQ? I help my clients get to know themselves on a deeper level, so they can make more conscious and proactive decisions in their relationships.

3 Communication is key. I help clients develop stellar communication skills. Did you know that different personalities have their own preferred communication styles? Learning how to best engage means better results.

4 I teach Leadership Skills. It can be lonely at the top. Learning to be a leader is a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of thing. I help leaders strengthen their skills and learn how to best support their people.

Why Work with Me?
The benefits are real.

  • Retain more clients and customers.
  • Increase employee retention, efficiency, and engagement.
  • Find clarity of mission, vision, and specialization in your industry.
  • Slay your sales goals and increase revenue.
  • Experience smooth transitions – from hiring to selling your business.
  • Gain connections to my global network.
  • Earn recognition and awards – my clients have been recognized as top producers, community influencers, and received awards from the SBDC, their local chamber of commerce, and more.

Are you my people?
The clients that excel working with me are:

  • Ready and willing to grow
  • Open minded
  • Leaders in their field
  • Goal oriented
  • Passionate about their work
  • Motivated to serve others

You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.
Not my people:

  • Complainers
  • Victims
  • Have excuses
  • Don’t want it bad enough
  • Know it alls

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