Lynn’s on a mission is to inspire others to achieve their wildest dreams by believing in themselves and taking action to overcome adversity.


Lynn is no stranger to adversity. As a child, she grew up in Mooseheart, a facility in Illinois for children and teens in need. Lynn used her rocky upbringing as fuel – fiercely determined to not let her circumstances dictate her opportunities in life.

She lives by the motto “no excuses only solutions”. Her forward thinking, solution-focused outlook has allowed her to walk through tough situations, from being adopted and abused as a child, to surviving cancer and navigating single parenthood as an adult. She believes that the “skeletons in your closet” often hold the key to your life purpose.


A serial entrepreneur, Lynn started her first business at the age of 24 and has been hustling ever since. She’s founded and sold successful businesses in Illinois, Hawaii, and Saudi Arabia, and served as the COO for a Global Company, overseeing 26 countries. She began her work as a business coach and consultant in 2013.


People and possibilities. These are the two words that inspire Lynn. A natural born networker with an ever-growing global community, Lynn is an Ambassador for the International Association of Women (IAW) and has served in leadership roles for other global networking organizations. She is an international speaker and avid traveler – becoming a full time digital nomad in 2019.

Creator of a life on her own terms.

Lynn believes in the chance to create a life on your own terms – a reality she is living one day at a time as a digital nomad, coach, consultant, speaker, and podcaster.