I teach entrepreneurs, leaders, and educators how to get out of their own way, so they can build the life and business they crave. Are you ready to ditch that comfort zone and get real?

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Confession of a Digital Nomad Podcast

What does building and living a life on YOUR OWN TERMS mean? And what does it take? Listen in on my journey as a digital nomad, business coach, and proud black sheep as I answer this question and interview inspiring individuals from around the globe who are doing the same.

I’m talking about real, raw stories of entrepreneurship, hustle, growth, (you can kiss that comfort zone goodbye!) overcoming, healing, and aligning with one’s life purpose.

Just like in my coaching sessions and workshops…things might get a little emotional…and I’m totally down with that. Check out Confessions of a Digital Nomad Here: Confessionsofadigitalnomad.com

Lynn lives by the motto “no excuses only solutions”. Raised in Mooseheart, a facility for children in need in Illinois, Lynn overcame extreme adversity to start her first business at the age of 24. A serial entrepreneur, she’s founded and sold successful businesses in Illinois, Hawaii, and Saudi Arabia, and served as the COO for a Global Company, overseeing 26 countries.

In 2013, Lynn was inspired to use her experience to help others as a motivational speaker, business coach, and consultant. Since then, she’s shared her message with thousands around the globe and worked directly with hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, and educators to grow themselves and their business through her unique style of coaching and consulting.

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