Signature Talks

This is more than a speech. My talks are engaging, mind-opening, energizing experiences that take you deeper. Note: there will be humor and a side helping of sass. You might just walk out of the room feeling a few inches taller – work it baby! Because your pockets are now full of valuable nuggets and actionable steps to uplevel your life and your business, ASAP.


A powerful, well maintained network can generate millions in revenue from referrals and expand your sphere of influence to the stars…but you gotta know how to work it! Hint: it’s all about relationships.


Success is a personal. Individualized. Be led on a journey to exam fundamental habits that help or hinder, and illuminate opportunities for action in your own life. Look at success through new eyes and be inspired to conquer the world!


You, my friend, are a magnet. It’s true. What you attract speaks volumes. There are many different places to be on the spectrum between scarcity and abundance in business and in life. As a shameless manifester and goal slayer, I will lead you on an interactive exploration of what it means to be where you are now – and how to shift into abundance.


Why do you do what you do? It has become such a buzz word/phrase with very few people actually getting down to the nitty gritty! As a fearless soul searcher and “closet skeleton hunter” I have put in the work to help you hit deeper levels and connection to who you are and your way. Did deep, lean into vulnerabilities, look and understand patterns of belief and how they might have catapulted us forward and simultaneously be holding us back.


You’re the boss. Tell me what’s on your mind – what challenges or topics do you need a fresh take on in your business? I’m all ears, until it comes time for the talk, of course! I’ll craft a custom interactive dialogue that will best serve and inspire you and your team. You’ll take away some witty “Lynnisms” and some new energy to GET. SHIT. DONE. Hint: my blog is a great place to find inspiration for brain-tickling topics! Read my blog