How to Get Shit Done Like a Boss – Three Simple Strategies to Increase Productivity

What does being a BOSS mean to me? It means making time your b#$*@, instead of the other way around. It means being an active creator of your life. It means letting go of what no longer serves you, even if it’s scary. As a coach and consultant, it brings me joy to see people thrive and build the life and business they truly want. In this post, I’ll outline my top three strategies to increase productivity and help you get shit done like a BOSS! 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been that person where others wonder…“how does she do it all”! There was a time when I was running two different companies, leading a large networking organization, and had three teenagers at home all at once. It wasn’t always pretty, let me tell you! But I got shit done and learned so much on the journey. Through my experience as an entrepreneur, business coach, leader, and single mom, I’ve honed in on some very successful strategies and tools that have helped me and my many clients get shit done and find more enjoyment in their lives and businesses…and I want to let you in on some of my secrets! 


1. Audit, Access, Adjust (or Stop, Drop, and Roll!) 

If what you’re doing isn’t working or getting the results you desire, stop! Don’t keep banging your head against the wall. To know how to get where we want to go, we need to take an HONEST look at where we are now. The more honest we can be with ourselves the more you’re going to get out of this. Please note, this process works best if you do have a list of goals already written out.

I use these three steps:


  • “Stop”
  • Take a look around
  • Where are you?
  • What have you accomplished?
  • How are your “processes” working?
  • What needs do you have?
  • Check what is done off the list.



  • “Drop” your head down and make a plan.
  •  What is important to the big picture moving forward?
  • How do I keep in alignment with my:
    • Values
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Purpose
  • What can I get rid of?



  • Get “rolling” 
  • “Duck and Weave”
  • What needs to adjust in your:
    • Mindset
    • Habits
    • Steps
    • Strategies
    • Actions
    • People


Client Success Story

Duangporn”Tracy” Leelalumlert, Bangkok Realtor

A successful realtor, Tracy came to me with a personal goal of connecting emotionally and spending more quality time with her son. At quarter one, she felt like she was not accomplishing what she wanted. She felt unclear on next steps and a bit unmotivated. After applying the 3 A’s, she realized she had already accomplished 47.5% of her goals. She realigned with an even bigger vision and she took action, rolling with the new found momentum. She is 70% complete on her goals at mid year and is enjoying a growing bond with her son. On the business side, she is building a team and is creating systems to continue to make her business more streamlined, consistent, and productive!

Learning Leverage: 

Time, technology, and people. For entrepreneurs, these three things can be one of the trickiest to master. Yet, learning to leverage these three valuable resources and make them work for you will help you get shit done in leaps and bounds. Here’s some tips on how to leverage all three:



  • Keep a time log
  • “Two birds, one stone”
  • Get organized
  • Schedule everything!
  • Learn to say “NO”
  • Know when you work your best
  • Know your T.W.V. (time worth value)
  • Batching, Pomodoro Technique
  • Schedule planning/overview
  • Bonus: Use momentum with time



  • Streamline & track workflow
    • Trello, Slack, ClickUp, Asana
  • Schedule audible reminders for everything
  • Make your email work for YOU
  • Automate/Systemize everything
    • Buffer, Calendly,  Mailchimp, Active Campaign
  • Decide which tech to use and stick with it!


People (Your Network)

  • Ask for Help
  • Referrals
    • Let them “keep the ball in their court” till appropriate
  • Be strategic how to leverage each other’s networks
  • Look for inspiration
  • Find an accountability buddy or coach
  • Important: Be a GIVER before you are a taker!

Client Success Story

Emily Gleason, Content Writer 

Emily experienced the “feast or famine” effect in her business as a solopreneur. She often felt drained and overwhelmed when juggling clients, or struggled to stir up new leads and prospects. She was being passive with her network, not leveraging it. By applying the leverage technique, she’s been able to double her client load and productivity. She now understands where her efforts and time go, so she can make more conscious and efficient decisions in her business. She is more than 50% complete on her goals at mid year. 


Clearing the Way 

In order to get shit done, we need to first get rid of the shit we don’t need – LOL! The three main areas I’ve found that collect the most clutter that can really hold me back are my: environment, email, and my mind. Here’s a breakdown of what I do to clear out these three areas:



  • Spring clean your area
    • Desk
    • Office
    • Files
    • Home
  • Move stagnant energy
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Look at things through “fresh eyes”
  • Add pieces that you LOVE



  • Empty your email box!
  • Unsubscribe to all junk
    • unroll.me
  • Draft templates/canned responses
  • Set up your email to work for you
  • Use folders or archives
  • Use apps/plugins to help efficiency
    • Boomerang, Batch inbox
  • Save time, energy, sanity



  • “Stop and smell the roses”
  • Accept you cannot change yesterday
  • Learn to let go, forgive, move forward
  • Get the word “busy” out of your mind
  • Be solutions focused
  • Press Restart!


Client Success Story

The Dickinsons, General Contractor/Realtor

DGC employees were frustrated with the workflow schedule, creating less than optimal production. Their company storage units and offices were not organized or kept tidy, things were lost, purchased twice, and damaged, which cost a lot of time, money, and headaches! Their client lists and email accounts were unorganized, which led to clients slipping through. By using the clear out technique, they were able to better organize all aspects of their business. This shift allowed them to take on bigger clients and increase productivity and profits. Their client communication is now more streamlined and precise. The Dickinsons are living a life they crave!


Need more help getting shit done?

I offer coaching and consulting as well as digital courses to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams achieve their goals. I take a holistic approach to goal slaying, addressing shifts in both your personal life and business. Clients who work with me increase profitability, time worth value, efficiency, and most importantly – enjoyment of your life and business!  Learn more about my coaching services here. 




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