I have a Podcast!

Hello friends. Watch out. Someone gave me the mic…and I’m running with it. Yes, your girl just started her own podcast! Can I get a drum roll pleeeeazzz?

Confessions of a Digital Nomad. Check out my teaser here: Confessionsofadigitalnomad.com

So, what is this podcast about?

I’ll be dropping interviews with people who inspire me, plus some of my own stories from my childhood to life as a business coach and digital nomad. We’ll be talking about all the juicy good stuff. People’s real, raw stories of entrepreneurship, hustling, healing, overcoming, and growing themselves and their business.

Just like in my coaching sessions and workshops…things might get a little emotional…and I’m totally down with that.

Why did I start this podcast?

My coaching clients often tell me that they hear my voice in their head. Now it’s about to be a real thing. Just kidding, (sort of).

The truth is, COVID made me do it. All sorts of people, from strangers I’ve met at airport bars to audience members at speaking events, clients, and friends have been telling me for YEARS that I need to do a podcast. It turns out that the world turning upside down was what it took for the perfectionist in me to jump. (Ha!)

Staying in Bangkok Thailand, where I’ve spent the last 5 months of quarantine, has made me crave connection more than ever. It’s also given me time to reflect on all the life-changing connections that I have made. I feel so much gratitude for them – including you, reading this blog post right now.

I’ve had the privilege to meet and connect with so many amazing individuals at conferences and speaking events that I’ve attended around the world in the last 10 + years. ‘People and possibilities’ – being a connector and supporter of people – is my passion. My mission while on this planet is to inspire, uplift, and help my fellow soul-filled humans trekking along on their own journey of life align with their true greatness, just as others have helped me.

Those of you who know me, you know my journey hasn’t been an easy one. From the time I was born, I’ve survived and persevered. I’ve raised children as a single mom, started and sold businesses, and served in major leadership roles across the globe. In 2019 I started a new chapter in my life as a digital nomad.

On the road, this podcast is also a way for me to stay rooted. It’s like a home of sorts, a gathering place – somewhere for entrepreneurs and growth-minded people to come to get inspired, make connections, and feed their mind and spirit.

Do you know someone who would make a great interview for my podcast?

I’m on the lookout for inspiring individuals who have been through some s*$t and have an experience to share on…

  • Hustle
  • Stepping outside of their comfort zone
  • Humility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming
  • Healing
  • Relationships
  • Traveling the world
  • Living a life on their own terms

If you know someone who you’d like me to interview on the podcast, drop me a line and tell me more!

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