NFL to Broke to International Coach/Speaker, a story of Marques Ogden

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Series One: The Ripping Off of the Bandaid!

First off, WHOA, I am finally putting these up, which I have been sitting on for a half of a year!  Why?!?! The little devils on my shoulders with the “ Who are you?”, “No One will Listen”, “these are not good enough”…  Well, little voice, see ya later, I am chucking up the deuces to you and ripping off the bandaid of Podcasting!

Throughout my first 9 episodes, get a look behind the scenes at me figuring my way around, Entrepreneurs from across the USA sharing some of their first moments, secret sauces, and how they have navigated life on their own terms.

Don’t get too comfortable, we can always fall from where we are….

Nothing is promised, not the day, not a job, not a project not a person…..  We never know when that rug might be ripped out from under us or gradual chipping away of the ground beneath our feet.  I am not trying to be negative (as you may know, that is not my style), nor trying to scare you, I am only stating facts.  We can not control that around us, life will have its ups and downs, BUT the things we have control over are our own thoughts, actions, and mindset.

How many of you have hit “Rock Bottom”?  Where the only way to go is up, or sit in it and stew for awhile…  While I have seen more people (in my lifetime), stay in a place of the bottom, play victim to their situations, versus taken control and changing their “story”, I have had the blessing to have experienced a few bottoms myself (or I like to call it ashes, as I have seen myself as a Phoenix rising), and have had the honor of meeting many people who have done the same! 

In this episode, I speak with Marques, and how he went from NFL player, Contractor, millionaire, to only $400 in his pockets, and some hard choices to make.  How he persevered, (a core value his father (as a single dad) taught home while growing up, and what he does today to help others, move forward and persevere too!!

My guest today, Marques Ogden, is an author, International Speaker, Coach, and Course Creator. Marques leads corporations, leaders, and entrepreneurs to elevate their success to the next level.

He does this from the front of a stage, through workshops and his online course and groups.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Marques’ inspiring story!
  • Marques’ 3 Facets to gain success:
    • Ambition
    • Drive
    • Hard Work
  • How he helps his clients and their journey

Last little nuggets:

  • Set Goals!!!
  • Get creative with your time
  • Find your tribe 
  • Learn your story, and be able to speak it
  • And you can always start again 

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